In your dark sky
You'll see what you always longed to see
Trying not to be there again
From all silence
To the crying voices of the earth
Trying to believe that you're glad

Lifted from the earth realm
You will find the place of joy
Carried by a pair (of) weary hands
Cloaked in silken dresses
But yet bodies still not warm
Laughing with a tear not a smile

Crossing cities
Ever crying children all around
Yet they do not seem discontent
Standing waiting
For the gates to open up your eyes
But you realise that you're blind

prisoned you shall be
On lives quest
With no end in sight
Flying through the dark
Mist of ever threatening clouds
Substance robs me off
Robs me of my wings
On enchanting arms
On your so enchanting arms
Through the darkened skies
Carry me away
Try not to look back
In my darkened skies I am now