Texty písní Doctor Butcher

Doctor Butcher

Innocent Victum

I'm an innocent victim, I live in confusion

Everything that I see, I see thru misery

Have a soul, I've lost control, I need a fix of anything

To ease my pain, keep me sane, help escape reality

I'm losing my way

I search for solutions, Instead I find dillusions

You see there are excuses for these self-inflicted abuses

Rehab failed and so did jail, this twisted fucked up life I lead

Chose no hope, who can cope, with this cruel insanity

I'm losing my way

I'm losing my way

Why doesn' anymore listen

Souls cries out in torment

Out on the streets I'm looking

For anything I can get

Why doesn't anymore help me

Doesn't anymore care

It's easy for me to see now

Life just ain't fair

I'm losing my way

I'm losing my way