Texty písní Doctor Butcher

Doctor Butcher

The Alter

The stained glass lights the way

On their kness the congregation prays

Collection plate is passed your way

Jesus looks down from sky

A tear fills his eyes

In the fires of hell you're all gonna pay

In the rectory basement of sin

A meeting read to begin

Something in the eyes says

Holy father, you're telling me lies

Searching - Mother mary finds the tunnel of love

Touching - In the name of the lord above

Step Up - Up to the Altar

Kneel Down - Down on your knees and pray

Step Up - Up to the Altar

A priest - Is playing his organ again

Sacrificial bishop cracks the sky

Upon the altar a virgin lies

No hail mary gonna save you now

Looking - For choir girls and boys

Hoping - He just want a brand new toy