You and me
Baby, it's ecstacy
I will be true to you
Be true to me
That's all we need, no more
And we won't ever worry
Babe it's you
You are the one I love
You are the only one I'm thinking of
Cause we all need somebody
We all need someone to love

Hey hey hey
(That's the way love ought to be)
Hey hey hey
Hey hey hey
(Love is all we need)

Cause whenever I'm around you
I'm happy that I've found you
Love is what you need
Look around and see
It's everywhere around you
Girl I'm living in a fantasy
And it's bringing out the best in me
Love is what you need
Look around and see
That's the way love ought to be

Yes to me
You always say yes to me
And when I needed you so desperately
You didn't waste no time
You always said you were mine
No to me
You never say no to me
Somehow you know this is our destiny
That we were meant to see
The way love ought to be


And when your world comes tumbling down
I'm gonna turn your world around
The secret lies inside of me
And love is all we'll ever need