I will strike down with vengeance and furious anger
Those who attempt to poison and destroy my brothers
The sky will turn black and then terminal cancer
As my crew brings the ruckus so I'm warning others
I'll eye-gauge a faggot with the back of a hammer
Then he won't see what's coming when the torch is
I'm foul 'n savage serve heads on platters
Leave torsos in dumpsters with the morning garbage
I brought in carnage one step closer to finish
Total existence global extinction
I stay (trippin') Jay (rippin') Jay's women
Gravediggers say night, I escape from a state prison
You're a lame bitch with stage fright
To me murder-rap brought daylight isn't a strange sight
You must hate life, going against me
'Cause I take time to take lives (there are so many
There are kids on adventure, with playful intentions
My urge to reckon corpse facial contractions
I drank a blood well flown when your bright light broke
'Cause I was craving forth that tastes like a
Look around the reign of throat that I can choke
So after you're gone, folks might have hope
That you're the last one but I'm head strong
The only thing my bar serves you is redrum
I'm not the devil in person but he's standing right
next to me
The evil as it gets, I'm the gift on ecstasy
Let me be, let me met my destiny
Let me slice an MC if you're hardcore like (?)
I'm Rambo, handle every f**king mammal
Their throat gets cut to the sound of my samples
The eye of the tiger, higher than Silah, bloody saliva
So I make this verbal backfire
The new Gods on the Block, my flow is so dope and
I'm focused, you notice, you're f**king with the harder
I kill hollow kids if they don't know who Apollo is
We're ill, sick, a legion of pricks
I'm the shadow in your nightmares, the demon exists
And I feed on your blood like a leech on your wrist
You're gonna bleed like a bitch since you seem to
I'm the black Schwarzenegger check the niggers like a
(?) and sweater
I 'ma give the cheddar with my dogs, we're barking
The peacemaker, wrap a nigger like a piece of paper
Like a pizza baker I put niggers on my pizza layer
Toppings, topics, many wanna top this
If you come and test the Reaper I'm gonna put you where
Tupac is
So pull the trigger and say Red rum
It's DOPE D.O.D. son also known as the sex-gun
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