Take the young ones to the desert teach them how the
arrow flies
How to smell the beast upon the wind and run with
mother nature’s loving lies
Show them how to balance what is wrong and what is
And make their own directions through the longest
darkest night

Oh you need that rite of passage before you can
continue on
That brave self understanding you can lean your dreams
You may want for children you may crave for man and
But you need that rite of passage to the summer of your

Show the children to the master, put the tools into
their hands
Show them how to work the grain and how to hold the
ever moving sand
Place with them the knowledge of the far and of the
And lead them through the waiting storms that will
never ever clear

It’s a sad deluded vision this creature of our time
It’s body now is broken, it’s smile it rarely has the
chance to shine
It stands so high and mighty with its never ending
While somewhere in the beating heart the earth it
vainly pleads