This is a puzzle
I don't seem to fit
All the sounds they like just seem like shit
I don't know if they're dumb or I'm getting old
There's a fire inside of me
And I wish that they could see
There's more to this than what they seem to think
You've got to feel it - you've got to grow wit hit
Don't forget the past but get out and explore
It's not that I hate them but I don't fit in
Though there was a day when I tried to
Now I'm driving with my own song in my head
Cutting edge traditionalist
The cool guy with the biting wit
But the cool crowd seems way ahead of me
Or behind me
No matter what people say there's always pressure
But I can't be a slave to others ideas
I'm going to do what I want to
Going to play what I want to
So at the end of the day I can look back and laugh