("Do you know exactly what your family would do if an
attack came? Say, at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning?")

Plastic parts and glue
Doing everything I can do
To build the robots.
They're filling up the room
'Cause all that I ever do is
Build the robots.

I need assembly lines
A crew and much more time.
The money's all mine
And my funds are getting thin.
Probably have to rob a bank again.
'Cause I'm spending every dime and
I'm spending all my time to
Build the robots.

One fine day when I've got my army made
My flying saucers and toys invade
Every city and every town.
And then I'll plaster my face up all over the place.
See, I'm gonna win the human race.
See, I'm gonna make the world a better place for me.

Cause I'm manufacturing a disaster.
I'm taking over the world.