My last job went wrong 'cos crime don't pay
But then I got right down on my knees and prayed
'Cos I had a date with the law as time went on
And they took me down in a train
To Babylon

There in that place folks don't know what's going on
Sometimes they fade and some forget where they came from
And in the afternoon I feel the breeze
How would I ever have known
This would happen to me

Goodbye Babylon
Goodbye Babylon
Goodbye Babylon
Good bye

Now my suitcase is packed and I'm moving on
My life is waiting outside and I'm going home
'Cos I had a date with the law and time's gone on
And I'm gonna take me a train
From Babylon

Goodbye Babylon
Now I'm moving on
Goodbye Babylon
I won't be back again
Goodbye Babylon