They rode the fastest horses
Left the wind behind
Thousand men
And one man led the way
The others followed blind
Genghis Khan.
They galloped over mountains and desert sands
They carried desolation throughout the land
And nothing there could stop them in this world.

Genghis Khan
Hey rider
Ho rider
Go rider let us follow
Genghis Khan
Go brother
Drink brother
Dance brother

Hear us holler
You can hearhis laughter ho ho ho ho
Now and ever after ha ha ha ha
When he drinks his jug up at one draught.

He was the greatest lover and the strongest man
Of his day
And we have heard that all the women fell for him
So they say
And he bred seven child in one long night
He had his foes a-running at his very sight
And nothing that could stop him in this world.

Genghis Khan
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