In My Defense


A man is talking to me

We're at my brother's party

I know what trust is

The key

For us

But he's a charmer

And you are elsewhere

I take precautions

I've little caution sometimes

His eyes are understanding

His words are gentle to me

He has a girlfriend

At home

He says

It's not my background

To be unsound

It's wrong to have him

In my defense I say this

I love the things you show me

I love the way you hold me

I love the fact that you're not here


I'll take the gamble

Because I'm able

And no I'm not proud

To hope that you won't find out

His hands are moving closer

My blushing cheeks are over

Everyone knows our names

In my defense, I'm human

In my defense, I'm stupid

And if of this I lose you

In my defense

I love


In my defense

I love