A plastic life inside a plastic world
No longer feel the fire
So sanitised, integrity's demise
It's evil in disguise...

We blindly trust our guiding light
Following misguided dreams
What have we done? We've gone too far...

Unwise to the world, we're told what to see
Force-fed a life so sugary sweet
Never questioning the world around us
Never dared to look inside...

We are lost in the light
Inner darkness that betrays the night
Is this the world we wanted?
Somehow we've lost our way...
We've lost our way...

Censored thoughts
So far removed from life
Everything we see on TV, the music we hear,
The games we play
Twisted and diluted to "protect us"
Is it any wonder our children
Are looking elsewhere for the truth?
Feeling the anger rise when they learn
It's all been lies...

Deprived of the truth, we're told what to feel
Accepting their words, a world beyond real
What once began with the best intentions
Somehow ended up as lies...