All that I feel
in your oblivious soul
Seems to me that
you have lost control

Everything is lost
there's nothing left to gain
Seems to me that
I have lost the game

Why can't you feel
my fragile mind
Seems that your heart
is turning blind

Everything you've lost
in my very soul
feels to me
you are out of control

Too many times you have drowned me
into make-believe which gave the light to dark
Where I was crawling on my way to get out
Still I'm putting my hope on you

Diving into the void
I'm trying to grab your mind,
make you follow me down
to where I lie
to where it's decided
If we live or die
and is there any light in the void

All that we lost
on our wasted ground
If only I could
make it all turn around

have you ever had the convenience
to know how good it feels to be wrong??