Just wakin' up in the mornin',
Gotta thank God,
I don't know,
But today seems kinda odd,
No barkin' from the dog,
No smog,
And Momma cooked my breakfast
With no hog.
I got my grub on,
But didn't pig out,
Finally got a call from a girl
I wanna dig out.
Hooked it up for later
As I hit the door,
Thinkin' will I live
Another twenty-fo'?
I gotta go 'cause I got
Me a drop-top,
And if I hit the switch,
I can make the ass drop.
Had to stop at a red light,
Lookin' in my mirror,
Not a jacker in sight,
And everything is alright,
I got a beep from Kim,
And she can fuck all night.
Called up the homeys
And I'm askin' y'all,
Which park are y'all
Playin' basketball?
Get me on the court
And I'm trouble,
Last week, fucked around
And got a triple double,
Freakin' niggas every which way,
Just like M.J.,
I can't belive today was a good day.

Creep to the pad
And hit the showers,
I didn't even even get no static
From the cowards,
'Cause just yesterday
Them fools tried to blast me,
They saw the police,
And they rolled right past me.
No flection',
Didn't even look
In a brother's direction,
As I ran the intersection,
Went to Short Dog's house,
They was watchin' Yo! MTV raps,
What's the haps on the craps?
Shake 'em up, shake 'em up,
Shake 'em up, shake 'em,
Roll 'em in a circle of niggas
And watch me break 'em,
With the seven, seven eleven,
Seven eleven,
Seven even back do' little Joe,
I picked up the cash flow,
And then we played bones,
And I'm yellin' domino,
Plus nobody I know
Got killed today
In South Central L.A.
Today was a good day.

Left my homey's house payed,
Picked up a girl
Been tryin' to do
Since the twelfth grade,
It's ironic,
I had the brew,
She had the chronic,
Beat the Supersonics.
Woke her up around one,
She didn't hesitate
To me the top gun.
Drove her to the pad
And I'm coastin'
Took fifth of the potion,
Hit the three-wheel motion.
Drunk as Hell,
But no throwin' up,
Halfway home,
And my pager's still blowin' up,
Today I didn't even
Have to use my AK,
I gotta say it was a good day