When the white man

Arrived here

(He) took my wealth

And (he) brought the death

Killing our people

(And) enslaving our children

White man

What do you want here?

Years (hundreds) ago

(You) started the exploration

Destroying the mountains

(And) polluting the rivers

You will never know

The pain in my soul

But you'll feel the strenght

Through my hands

We are here

(In) name of the England crown

The gold in these mines

Belongs to the London Town

From the beginning

Until today

You're consuming

The gold in these lands

Perforated our hearts

Petrified our lungs

How many men did die in these mines?

One day we'll see

The light of the freedom

We will hoist our flag

And we will sing our hymn

Then many will know

The land of the gold

Nova Lima eternal

Golden land

This is my golden land

Where the bread springs from the earth

Here the air always makes us revive

So we are strong like the metal of this earth

Now, I'll raise my sword

I will fight against you!

How can I go on?

Living and watching

My brothers dying!