Move on
When you hit the bottom
You feel alone
When your life is hell
Move on
When they spit on you
They're put you donw
And no one cares
Move on
When you realize
The one you trusted
Just betrayed you
Move on
Open you your heart
Keep your anger
You know you're true

Move on
Keep the will to fight
Never look back
Just go ahead
Move on
Know your enemies
Be stronger
And destroy them
Move on
Keep your head up
Show your fist
Show your pride
Move on
Do what you want
Be who you are
Freee your mind

Move on
No matter what
Fight for your dreams
Believe in your self
Move on look on their eyes
Break through the walls
Be better than them
Move on
And i you fall
Stand up and go
Ignore the pain
Move on
If you lost your way
Don't lose your faith
You will find it again