It's early but I'm leaving
A new dawn and a new religion
Help me and I will try
Lend me the hand of (life?)
Show me that I can fly
Just stand there by my side

How many words are written
You can read but you don't listen
It's there in front of you
Take a look it's quite a view
Oh how could I know
Reaping the seed that can't be sown

It happens all the time
But not when you're around
Why do some people shine
While others search the ground
It's like walking in the snow
It's happening right now
It's got to be somehow

Hello stranger you're the reason
That I live and that I keep on breathing
Sing me a lullaby
Don't let this baby cry
I'm lost inside my mind
Fresh water pure will clean me
Renew the force within me
Just something I must do
I would leave the world to you