1. Between the Times

Between the times
I'm rolling like a steamer on far away ocean
I fear the times
And fear the deadly wave of memory-explosion

I'll try to embrace the sun
See sunbeam - hair see Jeanne
Your lightly body twinkles in fun
What do you know? - My sun!?
What do you know? - My sun!?

Between the times
The tempting bells were carried by eight purple horses
I fear the times
Surviving rules were set by really unknown forces

I'm blinded by my pain
See sunbeam - hair again
Your eyes, cold drops of rain
What do you know? - My pain!?
What do you know? - My pain!?

2. Memory Flash

Your lily-white skin did bleached the sky
My tongue grew bigger then and dry
Your loveliness destroyed my fear
When once your fervid lips caress my ear

That was a time when I felt free
Now disappointing sights I see
My mind is blind I'm filled with fear
Instead of all your.... instead of warmth so dear

3. Appearance Of The VOICE

Pulsating fear, surprise my ear, so come here
You are jittery, please trust in me, my dear

Take your time and come aside to green light
I loose my time, I'll disappear with daylight

A tiny gate that dances in the wall
What kind of voice, what kind of call
That pours into my hollow head
My heavy ear, I have to leave this hall
Love to follow my inner call

4. Return Of The VOICE

I'm blind
I hide behind my raving tear
You will find your mind inside my hollow ear
My eyes are staring throughout my opened head
So rise and fight against face and time
Space and rhyme

You are the one I want to come
Come here, come near, you do not have to run
I am the guide of light at night
Don't fear my tear as blind as bride
Tearin' out of side