Since ancient history
it's been a mystery
why we can't escape
from the force
of our destination

We turn another key
but still we fail to see
every move we make
is a part
of our destination

While you're convinced that
you're the one who's in control

fate has predefined
if you will reach your goal
you're heading on a course that
you can't change at all

Go ahead and set your spirit free
find your harmony and let it be
all emotions are unleashed
inside your heart
Listen to your secret
dreams inside

Let your deepest senses
be your guide
Trust your destiny: you're walking
hand in hand
for there is no road
the road appears
which ever way you go

Too many questions cry
too many answers lie
You can't understand
that you're called
to your destination

The power you set free
can't break the mystery
You are not aware
what you choose
is your destination

You always wonder what you'll be
and who you are
Secrets unexplained
life seems so bizarre. ah!
and every turn you
make your fate
calls from afar

All the times when you
have doubts inside
that try stop you climbing higher
disregard the whispers
in your mind
they're just lying