I'll tell you who I am and whence I came,
It's not going to be easy to explain
By body has returned, my mind is all at sea
Will you tell me who you are and where we're meant to be?
She answers in an gentle, lilting style,
Says little but speaks volumes with a smile
With a sparkle in her eye, she takes me by the hand
'Let us take a walk, I'll answer all I can.'
April, 1358...Paris...I don't understand any more... my name is
Jamie...and mine is a strange story... one which even I don't fully
understand...my father is a scientist... and he has been
experimenting with time-eroding drugs... I was sitting in his
workroom..it was late at night...and I was thinking... you know,
about me and my future...I've just left school...and I don't know
what I want to do...I must have somehow have taken the drug... and
landed up here.
My name is Jeanne . . and let me tell you my story . . my father owns
many acres around here ... which are farmed by peasants ... whom he
rules with an iron hand .. the neighbouring landlord's even worse
... and I'm supposed to marry his son ... That's not my choice, you
know, 'like father, like son'.
Well I see we've both got our problems ... perhaps we can help each
other ... I've got something here... lots of my friends smoke it...
I don't suppose you know it... try it, it helps at times like these...
Oh what a beautiful feeling... everything shimmering in the
twilight... look at that sunset... I've never seen such colours
before... it all seems suspended in eternity... I wish moments like
these would last forever... I'm not worried any more... what are you
I can't think at the moment... but I feel as if we've known each
other for years... let's just enjoy it.
Somehow we must stay together, lifelong friend, my lifelong friend,
Love like ours will last forever, never end, and never end:
We'll somehow wipe away our fears,
And find a way bridge the years