Just take a pebble and cast it to the silent sea,
What does happen?
Just have a thought, cry a word or pray a silent plea
Do you know what will happen?
Billows arise and our senses catch a proof of energy!
Do we know laws of nature?
All one what we feel or do Echoes return from eternity!
We'll come to know our creator!
We can't stop the echoes
Which are called forth by our animation,
We can't hide from the echoes,
From the truth of our soul - Vibration!
Do we know the sound of collapsing walls,
Of collapsing truth, law and order?
The instant of our Freudian deliverance?
We are the shouters at the border!
As long as we're entangled in declinating
All divine forces around us!
As long as we refuse to understand
That we are here to spread out power of love!
Are we actually informed
About the mission of our life?
Do we know what we're composed
Of the Trinity - of heart, soul, and mind?
Our dark nights only come to bright end
When we learn - Violence makes us sick and blind!
Creation's aim and end, aspiration is to rise
The beam of love in our mind!
Just think about what we call love and hate
We are the ones to recreate it!
When we're sowing fear, when we lock up
We will reap all the tears
All the tears that separate!
Punishment and pain is the touchstone for the gain
For the way, our common spirit grown!
All our silent criesm our thoughts, our deeds
Will call forth what we earn, will arise mighty echoes!