Salvation out of sight
A piercing gold inside
Obscures the astral light
Expanding alienation
A fatal transformation
Minds caught in space and time
Await the final sign
Deceptive visions shine
A fading age is left behind
Dawning - feel the heartbeat of creation
Dawning - signals of predestination
Warning - civilization in decay
The children of the future led astray
Expelled from paradise
A wasted sacrifice
Tears turning into ice
Perverted evolution
Senseless revolution
Scared by uncertainty
Blind to reality
Lost in infinity
Eerie moonlight shadows in the night
Ancient trails in the sand
Gone with the winds of eternity
No beginning, no end
All cycles end in infinity
Let your intuition's fire burn
Trust your guide inside
Surpass the stairway of no return
Towards the dawn of light
Lone age of vanity
Mindless insanity
Hail to technology
A spectral fascination
Aimless navigation
No motion in the air
A silent scream somewhere
Oscillations of dispair
Warning - stirring fears of termination
Warning - paralysed civilization
Dawning - step into a new millennium
The neverending challenge of mankind
It's the time - Beware the final sign, awake your senses
It's the time - Approach the turn of time, don't fear the changes
It's the time - Ride on the wings of light, escape the darkness
It's the time - Heed to your voice inside, defeat the madness