Deep in the desert
Treasures of wisdom
Left by wise men
Thousands of years ago
Tormenting questions
Awaiting answers
Sensitive minds
Crave for discovery
While approaching now
The millennium's turn
Secret doors revealed
One by one
Ancient legacies
Saved by secret seals
Calling from the past
Far from the dawn of mankind
Chambers in darkness
Holding the answers
Impassive eyes
Stare to infinity
Silent and mighty
Over the ages
Orion's shape
Guides to Ro Setau's way
Rays of energy
Emanating bright
Visions come alive
Soaring high
What was once laid down
At this holy place
It's eternal light
Now and forever will shine
Legends and prophecies
Veiled in mysteries
Reappear as reality
Symbols of stone reply
At the dawn of time
With inaudible clarity
Steering the path of humanity
Enlightening mind and soul
Turning the ways of society
To reach the final goal