Well I don’t care your cameras caught me crying as I
left your gates
Or that your maintenance men they caught our last embrace
Well you were on the verge of tears when I first knew I
would know you
And now your ancient black tears they stain your robe

Calypso will come with me on that morning April day
To the city of my childhood in a cage
On the broad back of the earth we will drive twelve
hours straight
And we’ll take turns feeling crazy and okay

On May Day, May Day listen for the sound
Of the ambulances singing rounds drowning out the blue
Well the Captain of America he sings through his toothpaste
And the bubbles of his words will float away
As he gargles out a hymn in the funny fish voice way
And all the sorrow seems to go away

On May Day, May Day listen for the sound
Of the Geiger counters counting down
To one and blast off baby to the inter-space of stars
Out to the star encrusted boulevard

On May Day, May Day can you hear the sound
Of the megaphones calling out instructions
And I need your quiet empire where forgetful Persians roam
And with two hands full of silver I’ll go home
Return me to my kingdom where my children wait for me
To build them flying saucers …

On May Day, May Day they are going down
Send the fleet of black-and-whites wailing downtown

May Day May Day May Day…