I thought I had a lot, I opened my eyes at eight
It's past one and I never said good morning
Hold on there, wait, don't run away, I'm only talking
Don't move a finger for one kiss

You can take all my pretty moonlight
That's money to me
Take charge of my reasoning
Hold on, take a hold of me

Make the body beautiful
A huge old barrel, rust my car if you must
Just don't go giving too much of yourself to everyone
I swear, turn my body into dust

Just show me a clean face
Clean as can be
Either keep your hands to yourself
Or stretch out and give them to me

Need much more from you than twenty four hours
So much I don't have to rush
Just don't go promoting yourself to everybody
I'll sell my soul for your trust

There's so much that I want to do
All I need is time
No cost to you if you just go 'bout your business
And leave me along to unwind for a long time