Hear my father on the radio singing take me home again
300 miles from the Carolina coast and I'm
I'm skin and bones again
Sometimes I wish that I could get away
Sometimes I wish that he'd just call
Am I that lonely tonight, I don't know
There's just something in a night like this that can
Be so hard to take
Oncoming headlights through the mountain mist
They're too close for comfort and too much at stake, so

Turn the radio down,
Roll the windows up and say to myself that
I thought I’d be a netter man
Sometimes I dream that I have found a place
Where I won’t feel so all alone
Am I that lonely tonight, I don’t know…

Sometimes I think that I could find a way
Where I won't feel so on my own
Am I that lonely tonight, am I that lonely tonight,
Am I that lonely tonight, that I don't know

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