Daddy Was A Navy Man

I don't know why he liked the


He'd never seen the ocean before

But he was young and thirsty for


And our country was at war

The poster in the window

Promised a chance to see the


And he figured that he had a

Score to settle

For the boys that died at pearl

He's proud and so am I

That he went and did his part

And I love to hear the stories

That he tells

Of typhoons, tattoos, geisha girls

And battles he's been in

Okinawa, Iwo Jima, and Saipan

And for the longest time

He wouldn't drive a car made in


Daddy was a navy man

Says it was just his duty

That's why he volunteered

And when you're seventeen years


You're just too dumb to be scared

And there's a friend he talks


He says he'll see again someday

Cause you know old sailors

Never die

They just sail away

My daddy was a navy man