Vultan: Come on, it's time to bail out
Flash Gordon: Sorry Vultan, I'm not coming
Vultan: What? You'll be destroyed
Flash Gordon: You loony bird, get out of here, they need you on the ground
He saved everyone of us
Vultan: Onwards my brave Hawkmen, let peace be known forever as Flash Gordon's name

Priest: Do you, Ming the merciless, ruler of the universe, take this earthling, Dale Arden, to be your empress of the hour
Ming: Of the hour, yes
Priest: Do you promise to use her as you will?
Ming: Certainly
Priest: Not to blast her into space - until such time as you grow weary of her
Ming: I do
Dale Arden: I do not

Flash - a-ah
He's a miracle
King of the impossible
Priest: Recite after me your majesty, with this ring, I thee wed