Thats the way I am,
Does anybody wanna know?
This is the way I lead my life, you know,
Wheelin' and dealin',and a little bit of stealin'

You know, that's the way I grew up,
Its the only life I know
That's the way my mama taught me

Ahh then go stealin'
I gave you the key to my home,
I left you alone, in charge of my heart,

hey stealin, you got me wheelin' and dealin
Play with my feeling, write from the start.

I can afford to pay my rent
I had to use my common sense
to get some money I owed, mmm..

This guy said look at my head
Makes an easy bread
Stealin' is the only way that I know.

Stealin, yeah, only way that I know...