Ragin' Chicken

Come on

I cooked it

Don't look, it's the chicken strips

Taste so good, gonna lick your lips

It's all cooked up and on my plate

All I think about is chicken

What's the name of my date?

Now up comes the milk

It's on the table

It ain't no story, it ain't no fable

These two foods together get the smile

Eatin' up the chicken 'cause it's the new style

Milk and chicken, it fills me up

With a thigh on my plate and some milk in my cup

Here we go

Milk and chicken, it tastes so good

On all of those nights

When all of us should

Go to bed and not endanger kids

Drivin' down the streets like the way that I did

When falling asleep i stepped in my car

Trust my, y'all, you won't get too far

Yeah, it may be chicken

It tastes so right

But don't go eatin' chicken

On a dark, rainy night

Break it down