Goodness gracious Mrs. Smith's a very lucky lady
paints her toe nails rainbow colours & her hair is green
She won the lottery & shared her fortune with a sailor
Thery're so happy on their little island made of dreams

all the lucky people
god all mighty Mr. Brown his money drives him crazy
he's got so much he doesn't have a care
he sits alone on his thrown his castle is so empty
he used to work in factory, in the square, he was happy there.

all the lucky people
bloody hell sweet little daisy's got all daddy's cash
she blew it on all bubblies & yellow puppy dogs
she lost the mansion, lost the roller, lost the chauffer too
she took off with her jewelry & trimmed her curly locks
she trimmed her curly locks,

all the lucky people
living in their dreams
all the lucky people
i wonder where they've been
all the lucky people
im one of the lucky people