Texty písní The Bicycle Thief

The Bicycle Thief

Everyone Asks

Everyone asks

Well everyone calls and asks

Am I over you yet?

And I tell them yes

It's been almost a year

It'll be a year this November

And life is so strange, yeah

Life can be so unbearable

Why do I always

Call your name

If it doesn't stop

I'll go insane

I just know

I still have our dog

I just tell him you're

Gone for awhile

And nothing has changed

I still have our

Same old place

And I can't stop my mind

From wondering why

Is it something I did

Is it something that

I deserve

Why do I always call your name...

Well I've never thought

Of life without you

And I'm not gunna start

I never thought

I'd be without you

I can still see your face

I remember

The way you move

And it's just not fair

I'm just so lost

Without you

I still miss you so

I can't let you go

What kind of god is this

To take someone like you

From me

Why do I always call your name...

Why do I always call...