Texty písní The Bicycle Thief

The Bicycle Thief

Max, Jill Called

I woke up this morning

Feeling pretty good

And pretty good

Is really good for me

Had a cigarette some coffee

And some CNN

And the buses run down Sunset

Just for me

The buses run down Sunset

Today for free

And the earth is round

Or the earth is flat

Well I just don't seem

To care about that

Or a perfect life

Fortune and fame

A model wife

It don't mean a thing

I know this and I know that

All of it don't seem to

Matter that much

'Cause it's ashes to ashes

And dust to dust

The rich and the wise

Die the same as us

So many things used to

Mean so much to me

But now I just can't

Remember what they are

The telephone is ringing

But it's not for me

Gotta remember to

Write a note Max Jill called

Gotta learn to be considerate

The earth is round...

Through the Shamand horror

And drudgery

Well it is still a beautiful world

Be careful and try your best

To live happy

That is what a I read

On the bathroom wall

That is what it said

On the bathroom wall

The earth is round...