Texty písní The Black Keys

The Black Keys

The Lengths

Tell me where you're goin',

What is goin' wrong,

I felt you leavin',

Before you'd even gone,

Hold me now,

Or never, ever,

Hold me again,

No more talk,

Could take me from this,

Pain I'm in,

Pain I'm in,

See the moonlight shinin',

On your window pane,

See it leave you,

As faithful as it came,

Please yourself,

So you don't have to,

Be afraid,

Make amends,

Or carry on another way,

Another way,


Tell me what you were thinkin',

To treat somebody so,

The care he took,

The lengths to which he'd go,

The coals are hot,

To walk across,

Without your shoes,

But in the end,

Know that you've got nothing to lose,

Nothin' to lose,

Oh~oh, oh~oh.